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Welcome to SmartMatix


We believe in making IT projects better, faster, happier experiences.


We know this is measurably possible, having supported over $400 Million worth of projects.


The way we help customers achieve better, faster, happier projects,

is by providing simple, no-nonsense, affordable products & services.




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Advice - getting you over hurdles

Sorting out your metrics  Helping you achieve CMMi level 3

Assessing efficiency and risks  Improving quality and maintainability

Simplifying governance  Assessing capability & estimates

Putting projects (back) on track …





SmartMethod – software development process

Lean, scalable, incremental CMMi level 3 process out-of-the-box

Deliverable & practice focussed - quick & easy to master

Manage it using Scrum, PMBOK, or PRINCE2; dove-tail with ITIL !

Agile specification, incremental build so you can maintain & enhance

ROI of 4x at team-size 15; ROI of 25x for larger teams over 3 years


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ScopeTracker – requirements management tool

Fully supports all six CMMi level 2 KPA’s (others don’t!)

Get on top of scope, time, and changes of tests, code, spec files...

Works seamlessly with your favourite MS-Word, Excel and other tools

So affordable, everyone in the team can have it! (a must)

ROI of 15x in just one year! (for every 1$ spent, gain $15)


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SmartLibrary – on-line process library

Put your MS-Word based processes, standards, templates, samples,

   news, and forum discussions, on-line in record time

Have versioning, multiple process libraries

Ideal for any process improvement project

Save yourself the development headache

Costs less than a virus checker per user per year


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And, there is more … read the CMMi distilled in the free resources section   check the downloads section for free whitepapers on governance etc  review the products in detail, or   go to the store and check-out all products …


If you too want to create more functionality, faster, with less variation and less stress,
for happier stakeholders (clients, staff, managers) … join us!



smart - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely

which is what all projects should be

we bring you the auto-matix for creating smart projects.

Smartmatix for you.



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