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ScopeTracker trial software Temporarily removed. This file now contains links to vimeo video clips explaining why you need REQM and how to use ScopeTracker
ScopeTracker brochure 1 Brochure for Managers, informing you on time/cost benefits and why a team needs a tool; Plus provides comparisons with other tools (EA, Doors, CaliberRM, TFS etc) [22 Feb 2012]
SmartMethod sandbox login Get your login to the SmartLibrary trial sandbox containing a trimmed down version of the SmartMethod
SmartMethod biz case doc Compelling business case, for adopting the SmartMethod or any other CMMI level 3 process. In MS-Word format, free to modify to create your own compelling case, comparing four options
SmartMethod BizCase xls Comprehensive Business case spreadsheet providing a cost / benefit analysis of the SmartMethod and three alternatives. Use it as a base to create you own specific numbers
SmartMethod RightSizing tool Brochure describing the SmartMethod RightSizing tool in more detail
SmartLibrary brochure Brochure providing an overview and features of the SmartLibrary in pdf format
Requirements Standard Free best practice requirements standard. Informs you how to create measurable, testable, and prioritizable requirements. Minor updates to v1.6 13 Apr 2013.
ReqDb v3.0 Requirements management spreadsheet, making it much easier to group and prioritize your requirements. Auto id# issuing, tree-view to roll-up/expand functional groupings, full set of attributes. Can be imported into ScopeTracker
Version numbering Can you see from the filename what version of the document you have? If you want to ease your team's lives, here is a simple way to adopt versioning. Two page code of practice, works like a dream - spread the word :)
FPA explained One page flyer explaining Function Point Analysis, and how useful it is to assess software costs, probability of delivery/failure and value for money (v10)
IT Governance Distilled presentation delivered at the ISACA Wellington chapter showing how to create effective IT governance for the Board/CEO without drowning in standards.
ScopeTracker Brochure 2 Brochure describing ScopeTracker features including bi-directional traceability, and how you would use it; For people who evaluate features of requirements management tools [23 Feb 2012]
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