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CMMI quick self-assessment

The aim of this self-test is to get a quick assessment of the capability maturity of your project team / organisation (whichever you are answering for).


Capability maturity is a measure for your (or your vendor’s!) likelihood / ability to deliver as promised, on-time, to cost. Increased maturity means significantly reduced risks, time and cost of software development (see CMMI explained).


In early 2015 we revamped the questionnaire. It now has 18 questions to determine capability maturity levels 2 and 3. We are considering making this questionnaire available as an on-line service, so that you can repeatedly use it to monitor all your projects. The benefit is that across hundreds of organisations we would start to see what truly works. In effect such a project would revalidate the findings of the CMM. We would like to test if such an on-line service is of interest to a larger community. Please contact us if you wish to be part of the trial.



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