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One of the purposes of IT is to deliver productivity efficiencies to business.
But how about improving productivity of IT projects itself?


If you could gain 10% or more value from the same dollars spent, and
minimize the risk of significant overrun and bad press,  would that be worth it?

How to achieve these gains?

The key to achieving these gains is in process improvement by adopting the CMMi and stepping up to level 2 or level 3 capability maturity.

Why CMMi?

The CMMi originated from a study of thousands of projects, to find the key processes and practices of the better performing projects. Its findings have been confirmed by a great many, and have been valid for 20 years now.


Organisations that adopt the CMMi processes & practices deliver more value, reduce variation, are more competitive, more profitable and have a better press.

Do your own processes meet CMMI level 2 or 3?

If not, you will experience significant variations, delivery perception issues, and questionable follow-on projects (are you? - get it assessed).

Process improvement – it pays for itself !

Using our SmartMethod CMMi level 3 compliant process as a benchmark,
an ROI of 4x to 25x, for an organisation of 20 to 100+, is quite realistic.


So for every $1 spent, get $4 to $25 back.


For the big name providers, halve these ROI figures (2x to13x);  do-it-yourself will yield an ROI of 1x to 6x.  Your staff can get our free business case and spreadsheet model from the Downloads page.

How to achieve the future

The fastest route to acquiring CMMI level 2 or 3 capabilities - for the clear time, cost benefits they bring - is to have executive commitment to process improvement. Where the CFO/CIO actively drives process improvement, achieving CMMI level 3 from level 1 in 18-24 months is quite possible. This is where the CFO/CIO makes the difference.

In answer to some questions you may have:

      Improvements are typically measurable and visible within 6 months!

      Each and every project that achieves CMMi level 2 or 3, significantly improves value

      Adopting the CMMi is cost beneficial for any development unit of 20 people or more

      CMMi can be used to assess & address gaps in agile, RUP, XP, PRINCE2 etc.

      “Levels” represent a discrete step-up in time- cost-performance

      Your time- cost-performance either operates at level 1, 2, or 3 … but not in between!

Next step

With SmartMatix, you buy improved capability and tools for your staff, for re-use on all projects from now on, to achieve better business outcomes and more value for money.


Call us, or if your staff asks for our processes and tools, consider our significantly better ROI and cost savings. Our processes and tools meet or exceed the best in the industry.

Not convinced?

Why not read the story on AIS Inc, Infosys, and EDS, showing how their executive management realized the CMMi benefits, and improvement paid off. Or read our CMMI explained pages, which provide you the little known time/cost take on the CMMI, and answer some of your questions in the FAQ's.


Make it happen, contact us now.


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