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Here’s a general approach to achieving improved project performance, based on industry research and program office data.


To keep ICT projects out of the Yellow or Red status, to maximise ICT project value, improve timelines,quality, productivity , estimation, reduce variations and risks, …


The following typically will do the trick:

       Governance and project prioritisation - do the right projects right;

       The CMMI - understand and obtain the practices which measurably reduce time and cost (PMBOK or PRINCE2 is not enough!);

       Requirements management and bi-directional traceability - deal with change, deliver on‑time, to‑quality, as promised/agreed, time and again (maturity level 2);

       “Institutionalise” your processes (define, communicate, train, train, train) -
so that you can deliver a consistent customer experience and meet demand, even with new staff (maturity level 3);

       Know how to integrate early with IT operations (ITIL) - improve resource use and minimise service impacts;

       Measure and communicate - improve performance and debunk perceptions;

       Stop re-inventing processes, templates, etc – buy it from us or others, so that staff can focus on the job and be creative again.


So why would all this make a difference?

Because by having good governance, processes and practices you create clear expectations and a work environment where it is actually great to work.  Improved people organization, work practices and tools help maximise strategic implementation, return on investment, and customer satisfaction.  Prioritisation helps you avoid taking on more than is reasonable, yet delivering that which is most important to the business. And last but not least, as the organization gets more accurate at estimation and meeting those estimates, it can plan better, and faster implement strategic direction and goals.

A silver bullet?

No, of course not, but see it this way: - it is the sum of all 2% improvements that make a big difference to the bottom line. Like in sports, the better the team is organized and trained, the more likely that they perform at top-level, and the easier it is to do the job.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step …”

Make that start, or re-invigorate your journey, consult our resources, or products pages or contact us for specialist assistance.


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