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To help improve your ICT projects, SmartMatix offers the following products:


       SmartMethoda fully CMMI level 3 compliant, agile, yet “plan-able”, software development process. Seamlessly move from waterfall to agile. Can be used with MS-office only, or with any mix of tools. Fully aligns with ITIL, PMBOK, PRINCE2, and enforces Right-sizing to minimise bureaucracy. Deliverable-, time- and practices-focused, which is much easier to learn and adopt than role-based descriptions like those of RUP and TFS. This is a serious alternative to Ivar Jacobsen’s EssUP. More ...


       ScopeTracker - requirements management & bi-directional traceability tool. Essential to control change, scope creep, and to deliver as agreed; When changing code, tests, documentation, or designs, see which other artefacts and requirements are impacted. Ideal for Agile development, or regaining functional grip over existing systems. Unlike other big name tools, does not “glue” artefacts together through hidden tags, nor degrade MS-Office tools’ performance. Priced so that everyone in the team can have it (a must)!  More ...


       SmartLibrary - on-line process library publishing system, to manage your own process descriptions, guides, standards, and templates. Enables you to push out news, provide discussion forums, and copy protect your on-line content (yes, you’re reading it right). Get started on your process roll-out now - no need to wait for the IT department. More …


Consult the Resources pages for white-papers, freeware utilities, and more.


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