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Depending in which country you live,
ScopeTracker costs the equivalent of only two to six hours of your staff’s time. 

What could you save?

Per staff member, 96 hours, or a multiplier of 15x, year on year.

Let's think it through...

On a 3 month (60 days) project, how many days of useful productivity improvement would each team member gain?


With ScopeTracker you’ll be able to establish a clear set of requirements that can be prioritized to meet time lines.  With clear requirements in place, the developers go much faster, and writing tests is easier.  When requirements change, or files change, with Scopetracker you know exactly which other files are affected. Consistency and completeness improves. Thus at final acceptance you save several days of unnecessary rework and retesting.


So let’s say each team member gains 10%, say 6 days?
Let's be really conservative, let's assume 3 days gain for each team member.

A multiplier greater than 15x !

Two to six hours investment, for three days gain; now multiply that by four projects per year that’s 12 days gain (96 hours), every year again! That's a multiplier of more than 15 times the investment in one year - over to you.


Get your trial or purchase your ScopeTracker licences from the Store.


Or, to assemble your own business case, please go to the Downloads page to select the sample business case and supporting materials.


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