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These pages provide screenshots of the ScopeTracker requirements management toolset. Alternatively please go to the downloads > info papers page to get the screen shot pages as a pdf.


Note: Since there are many images, to minimise download waiting time, the screenshots are on separate pages accessible from the side menu.

ScopeTracker software suite

The ScopeTracker suite comprises of four applications: the Manager, Item Browser, Administrator, and Cataloger.



The Manager is the main application to manage requirements and any other traceable items, such as Change Requests, Assumption/Constraints, To Be Resolved items and any other reference id’s. 


The Item Browser provides you a small footprint window to look up Items, while simultaneously keeping your work in view and in keyboard focus. Thereby you can keep working and not get lost in a myriad of open windows. 


The Administrator application is to configure your project environment, and transfer requirements (Items) between projects. The Cataloguer runs in the back ground and tracks changes to your files and Item tags within them.



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