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Items and Groups

ScopeTracker enables you to organise your requirements (Items) in any group / tree structure you like. The main view can be re-ordered in many ways and by default shows the tree and a panel to see/edit all the detail of the Item at once. The panel can be closed or opened with one click on the separation bar.



When selecting an Item on the tree-grid the Item panel is populated. ScopeTracker provides a small set of essential attributes to help you prioritise and manage scope. By keeping it simple the tool helps to avoid over zealous use of attributes.


To try or buy ScopeTracker, go to the Store.


Change the view to enter attributes in table format

The columns in the Items & Groups tree view can be re-ordered at a click of a button, to match your work focus. For example there is a view to enable you to just focus on maintaining the attributes, or just focus on associated change requests or version changes. Here the view has been changed to see/edit the attributes of the tree of Items.



In-line editing

You can edit using the Item panel or browse the grid; In the grid press F2, like in Excel, and edit the cell in focus. Use the arrow etc. keys to navigate around the cells on the row. This makes it very easy to move around and edit Items for consistency.



Many other view ordering features

ScopeTracker’s user interface uses standard components which allow you to sort, group, pick-up columns and re-order, expand / roll-up the tree etc. There is really only one way to experience it and that is to start using it.


To try or buy ScopeTracker, go to the Store.

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