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ItemBrowser – Lookup & Mark

The ItemBrowser is a unique feature of ScopeTracker.


It is created to support the specific needs of testers, BA’s, software architects, bid‑managers, developers, and project managers.


This handy tool lets you:

       Look-up a requirement ID in your work,  to find the exact requirement description

       Look-up a word or text fragment,  to find all requirements containing it

       Select a piece of text,  and turn it into a new requirement

       Drag & drop a requirements ID into your work,  so that you can trace it


Best of all, the ItemBrowser is a small window, which always stays on top. Thus you can keep working and not loose keyboard focus while you look up requirements.


Here is how it works …

From within your work, find requirements

Highlight the number or full Id, press control-C and the ItemBrowser shows you the text.



Alternatively, type your text into the search control in the browser.



The search result can be one or more requirements. Of course you can toggle between single and multi-line display in the ItemBrowser. Furthermore you can set which fields the browser should search.

New requirement? Add it via the ItemBrowser

Say you’re a tester, BA, or bid manager and are going through your documents to mark the requirements. Place the ItemBrowser in create mode; then go through your documentation to “lift out” the requirements. Highlight the text you identified as being a requirement, press ctrl+c, and magically this text appears in the ItemBrowser (no ctrl+v needed). If you wish, polish the text; then click “create”, which turns the text into a new requirement with a new ID.



Drag-drop the Identifier in the text

Once the Item is created (or search has found it), drag and drop the Item identifier in the text. Since these tags are textual you can drag & drop it into anything, like MS‑Word, C# code, Excel test sheets, your Enterprise Architecture design tool, MS‑Project, tender document, etc.



Dropped and done.



As you can see this is as easy as using a highlighter and going through your documents, but the added benefit is that when you change the electronic document your “high-lighting” is retained!  After a very short time you’ll get the hang of it, and it will be really easy to create and browse for requirements.


Last but not least the ItemBrowser has a whole range of controls to make sure you can set it to make your life as easy as possible (different roles have different needs).



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