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Link view

Most requirements management tools provide a matrix view to link Items to Items. However, matrices are hard to read (ninety degrees rotated texts) and one is for ever scrolling and zooming around to find the cross connections. ScopeTracker fixes this through its unique two panel approach.

Link with ease

On the left select the Item you want to link with others. Filter and scroll the panel on the right and type-in the link strength or select it from the drop down.



Link strength is a unique feature of ScopeTracker, and for example can be used to determine to what extent business requirements are met. The linkages appear in the left panel, and in the bottom right hand panel.

Need more detail?

A times mouse-over of the requirements description text may not be sufficient, in which case you can switch the view to show the cell contents in full, as shown here.



This “show full/single” row feature is available on all views, to let you maximise visible rows or content.



To try or buy ScopeTracker, go to the Store.

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