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ScopeTracker enables you to define "Sets" of requirements with only the minimum number of user interaction. Sets can be used to define build baselines, or any other version milestone. Sets also allow you to compare scope change, filter views, etc.

Define and view Sets

Once defined, you can make Sets visible or hide them. This approach enables you to show any number of Sets for comparison and amendment.



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Define what’s in a Set

Sets can be defined by selecting a group, the most recent version of a particular requirement or a specific version of a requirement. If you select a group to be part of the Set then all requirements / Items that are in that group belong to that Set.


Sets are fluid till locked. If you move a requirement out of the group to another group then it is no longer part of the set. This approach makes it easy to define sets while your work is still in a significant degree of flux. Once you know what the next baseline should be you lock the set, which freezes all requirements belonging to that set, no matter where you move them to in the tree.


Comparing Sets

At any stage you can compare any number of Sets in any order to inspect or amend.



Seems daunting? Keep in mind that in ScopeTracker use of any function is optional. Thus as you learn more, or have some extra time, you can expand and enhance your requirements model.


To try or buy ScopeTracker, go to the Store.

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