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Trace Items to Items and Files

This is really the strength of ScopeTracker – bi-directional traceability. There are two pages here to show the possibilities.

Select a requirement to locate it in a file

When you select a requirement in the tree, ScopeTracker immediately shows which files contain this Item (if any) in the top right hand panel. The bottom right hand panel shows the Items that exist in the file in focus.


Trace a web of linked requirements

Select one or more Items, and mark these. Then instruct ScopeTracker to mark all Items indirectly linked to the marked Item(s). ScopeTracker will cycle through all requirements linkages and build the unique list of files where these “direct” and “indirect” Items can be found.


In this example, selecting Item 5, finds items 2 and 3 which also happen to be linked to Item 19. Thus the panel on the right shows in red the files that are directly linked to Item 5, as well as the files that result from the indirect links.


From the Item open the file

By selecting a File in the top-right-hand panel and then an Item of interest in the bottom right hand panel, you open the file in which the Item is located. If it is a MS-Word file, ScopeTracker is even able to position you straight on the Item requested.



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