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Pick one or more files to find Items and or associated files

Here is another work scenario: you know of or are working in a file, and want to know what requirements are in this file, and, in which other files those requirements occur.


ScopeTracker enables you to select one or more files,



Highlights which Items are in the selected files

and highlights which requirements are involved (show below).



Using these Items, find in which other files these occur

In this example, by selecting two files, ScopeTracker retrieved a third file where some of the requirements occur.



Click on the additional file to see which requirements it contains



At this point you can select one of these Items in this file to step to it, or analyse the Items you found in the main view for links and other associated files.


As you can see ScopeTracker is totally flexible to support your real life situations.


To try or buy ScopeTracker, go to the Store.

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