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Because of performance reasons and richness of user interface, the ScopeTracker software is designed as a MS-Windows application, rather than as a browser application. Browser-based is simply too slow for our liking.


Thus you require:

       Win XP, Vista or Win 7; 60 MB of disc space, same in RAM;

       a local copy of the ScopeTracker Client applications on your machine.

       Our install does not involve the Windows registry, so it is merely a matter of copying the client instance on to your PC

       Microsoft SQLserver 2005/2008, DotNet 2.0, on a Windows PC/server anywhere on your network or on your own machine.

       Alternatively, in case your IT department drags its feet, SmartMatix can provide you a dedicated hosted Database so that you can make a flying start.

Trial version

       For your trial, the software is configured to connect to our trial database. The trial database is for anyone to connect to, so please don’t use it to hold your live project data, only use it to try the functionality!


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