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ScopeTracker, is for:


       Project Managers – so that they can list and prioritise requirements, and thus scope, in close collaboration with the team and client. Prioritisation enables the PM to meet the clients’ cost / time, and quality needs. But equally, requirements and their priority ensure acceptance is defined well before everything is built. Furthermore, PM’s can use ScopeTracker to show their clients to what extent scope has changed between two baseline sets. Or, using traceability, show the client the files impacted by proposed changes.


       Business Analysts – so they can lift requirements and tag specifications with requirements identifiers in UseCases, story boards, functional specs, logical designs (ERD, class etc models) or any specification artefacts.


       Software architects – so they can allocate the requirements to / and derive requirements from, their software design, thus validating the requirements.


       Testers – to help them go through documents and mark and create the requirements they find in the text. Also, so that they can allocate requirements to test cases and can measure the extent the requirements are covered and met.


       Developers – so that they can tag their code files with the requirement(s) implemented. Thus, when changing code to fix something, the developer doesn’t need to think about which tests and/or documentation is impacted, as ScopeTracker takes care of that. And ScopeTracker will also tell the developer which other code files may need revision as a result of requirements linkages!


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