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Why do you need requirements management?

Since 1992, research consistently shows that projects that do deliver on time/cost/quality all apply the process of requirements management.  Projects which do, achieve more value for the same amount of effort, are less risky, and deliver much closer to time and cost estimates.


Whether you’re a proponent of planned or agile development, either method is based on requirements management.

The issues?

Software development involves literally hundreds of electronic files.


One issue is how to capture and keep in sync a concise list of requirements across tens of specification description files.


The more complex issue is how to manage change. Imagine a requirement change, a change in a code-file, or a bug which needs fixing:

       Which parts of the software need re-testing?

       Which tests need to be amended?

       Which other code-files may be affected?

       Which documentation needs updating?


Tracing which parts of files and requirements are affected by changes in other files is impossible to manage by hand ;- you need a tool.


Without a tool, before long, you find yourself in a situation of  quality issues,  slippage,  cost escalations,  and  snail-pace change.

Okay, so just get a tool?

Here are the next snags:

       Most big name tools which provide traceability are too costly to roll-out to the entire team
(think $2000+ per user);

       everyone in the project team needs the tool to work to the same requirements (not just the BA)

       Most lower-cost tools don’t provide traceability to files

       Some design-tools claim to deliver requirements management, but don’t provide a single list-view to prioritize, cost and create build sets of requirements.

The solution?

ScopeTracker addresses all these issues, supports all CMMI level 2 requirements management practices, and is priced so that everyone in the team can have it.


In fact, the cost/benefit is achieved on just one, three month project.


Give your business the edge, try or buy ScopeTracker now.


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