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If you need to get your process materials on-line, need forums to facilitate discussion, and a news feature to push out information on process application, then the SmartLibrary is for you.

The SmartLibrary instantly provides you:


       Structured library containers to manage, edit and disseminate your process descriptions, templates, guides, standards, samples and directives

       News facilities to push information to your process users.

       Any number of Forums to facilitate discussions on process topics.


       Continuous improvement, by providing a feedback system to log changes.

       Secure, role and user management

       The ability to protect content from being copied even though it is on-line!



       Your MS-Word process descriptions can easily be converted and uploaded in a consistent standard layout format. 

       Inserting diagrams and creating hyperlinks on these diagrams requires no IT knowledge or input.


       Requires no involvement of the IT department


With the SmartLibrary you can put up any process, be it project management, program management, an RFP process, your ITIL or BISL process, software development, marketing or general business process. Or mix and match with SmartMatix's libraries such as the SmartMethod for software development.


For more information please browse the menu on the left, or get access to the SmartLibrary trial instance.


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