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The SmartLibrary portal provides a ready made solution to fast track your on-line presence, roll-out of process materials, and team communications. 


The SmartLibrary system and content greatly reduces the effort of getting materials ready and distributed. The SmartLibrary frees you up, so you can concentrate on improvement roll-out, communications, training, and support.

Process improvement projects are a daunting task...

For example, process materials need to be overhauled, augmented, or created from scratch; Materials have to be made accessible to staff via the intranet or internet to reach all involved. Staff need to be instructed and trained in the process, and on-going discussions on best adoption needs to be facilitated an enabled.

Process improvement is a project in its own right

To create the on-line presence, get the material up, establish discussion forums, and news bulletin boards, is a project in itself. To get the simplest of solutions through the IT department and implemented can easily take half a year, a year, or more. And once in place, for every web-page change, or template change, you likely need the IT department to get these up on the intranet.

This is what the SmartLibrary fixes

It provides an immediate on-line presence for process content management and communications, without you needing your IT department. At the same time our clients don’t want their hard earned process content to leak to others, so the SmartLibrary ensures your process content can be copy protected. The SmartLibrary frees up your time so that you can focus on improving the process.


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