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This page lists the full feature set of the SmartLibrary system.

Process Library

       a collection of Books, Templates, Guides, Samples, Standards and Directives.

       News and Forums associated with a particular library.

Available libraries

       SmartMatix specific pre-defined libraries or,

       Empty process library containers, to add your own defined processes.

Tailoring of SmartMatix process libraries

       Brand & amend SmartMatix base templates with your own organization’s logo and copyright statements.

       The SmartMatix base templates are unique in that they provide key-board shortcuts for a range of styles to quickly apply a consistent layout without needing the mouse (reduce RSI).

       Upload Organisation-specific sample files for each template place holder
(SmartMatix does not provide samples since generic examples just don’t work)

       Upload additional organization-specific Templates and associated Guides and Samples

       Upload organization-specific Standards and Directives

       Add organization-specific Standards and Guides in on-line protected book form (on-line edit), to protect the intellectual property of your guides and standards.

Version management of libraries

       The Organisation’s process libraries are independent of the versions published by the Master instance;

       You can elect to skip versions;

       You can merge the current version with any later version;

       You can retain some or all of your current Templates and Guides (in which case you just get the new books);

       When you publish your amended instance, all templates, guides and standards that have been modified will be marked as “New” for a duration (period) set by you.

       With regards to software processes, version management of process definition artifacts, is a CMMI level 3 KPA!

Security and Intellectual Property protection

       The system tailors access to information based on the following roles:

-             User – authenticated and authorised person with read access only

-             Line Manager (Mgr), like user but can inspect uptake statistics

-             Process Improvement Manager (PIM) – full rights to the Organization instance.

-             Admin – Admin role for the organization to set up users and allocate libraries and roles

       Names are unique across all organisations to ensure users can access their organization’s materials only.

       To protect business-unique processes, organization-specific work can be protected against electronic copying / screen scraping and / or printing.


       MS-Word-like editor, which has been configured for a range of MS-Word styles to retain a consistent layout when using copy / paste;

       Insert jpg’s or gifs and add hyperlinks using the editor’s hotspots feature;

       Custom word replacement - marked words that can be replaced by words of your choice; For example project phases can be replaced by those in use in your organisation;

       Global search and replace of text throughout the collection of pages of the “book”;

       Automatic cross index generation, which creates a table of links for each “reference text” specified by you;

       Create Hyper-links to locations in the current book, or other books which are independent of the book version!


       To create a seamless integration with Lotus Notes, MS-Sharepoint or say your intranet system, the SmartLibrary can now be accessed by the user through a one click event from those environments.

Sharing and learning

       Provides a News function by process library, to disseminate information on process improvement and adoption aspects.

       Provides Forums by process library, where Users can add their discussions, and look up frequently asked questions. Moderated by the Process Improvement Manager (PIM) assigned to the library.

       The PIM role has user rights access to the SmartLibrary Master Instance for News and Forums. This creates a community of interest for all participating organizations; moderated by the Master’s PIM.

       Add / maintain hyperlinks to other useful sites, for display on the Goto menu.


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