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The SmartLibrary is a hosted service, which is accessible through your browser wherever you are. This has great benefit for organizations which have offices in different locations and/or allow their staff to work from locations of their choice. Here is how it works:



Using your browser you access your  portal

and login to get to your templates, guides, samples, process books etc.


On log-in you arrive on the library News page which acts as the home page. From there use the menu to pick-up a template and store it in your project directory wherever that may be. Read up a standard to consider what the deliverable should conform to; or browse a guide to get the reminders again of what to consider for your planning, design, interfaces, risks, scheduling etc. Access the process manual to read up on deliverables, timing, workflow aspects, specific practices, back ground information etc.


Since many organisations are still very weary at the idea of storing company data in an external data centre, we do not provide project data storage facilities. However depending demand we may be able to offer this as an add-on service, so please let us know your needs.


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