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The picture below shows the structure of the SmartLibrary and how you “inherit” your organization’s own instance of one or more process libraries.



General structure

The SmartLibrary application provides a self-contained instance per organisation. Each organisation can have one or more process library “containers”. Each container holds a process library and has an associated News bulletin board and discussion Forums. Each process library comprises of books, templates, guides, standards and placeholders to upload your samples.


Your organisation inherits one or more process container instances as a copy/clone from our Master libraries. You will have your own versions and are in control when you want to upgrade to our latest version. You have a choice of using our existing libraries and / or get one or more empty Libraries, which you can populate with your own specific processes.


The role of “Process Improvement Manager” (PIM) can visit our Master instance, to get updates, or to use the Master instance’s forums to join the community of PIM’s.

Always up-to-date access

Since this is an on-line solution, you and other users will always have access to the most up-to-date templates, guides and standards, either from your office, from another office location, from home, etc. Your organization’s library has two versions – one that is published and accessible to all general users; and one which is in edit / review for the next release, accessible to users with the PIM role only.

Company branding and Integration

When you log on, you’ll see your own company Logo at the top left hand corner to visually show that you are in your own company domain. On request we can “re-skin” to better integrate with the look-and-feel of your own intranet, share-point, Lotus Notes or similar system.


Clearly, security is a very important aspect of the application for our customers. We use a system-wide unique login per user, so that there can never be any accidental access to your process libraries by people who don’t belong to your organisation. Furthermore, to prevent “leakage” of your intellectual property of your own libraries, our system ensures that the published information is almost impossible to copy or screen scrape. Thus consultants or staff can’t walk off with the process and use it for their next role with a competitive organisation.

Easy content creation and maintenance

Since most organisations have their process information in MS-Word format (so did we), from the outset we wanted to have MS-Word like editing features, and to have the ability to upload content created in MS-Word in an easy fashion. The SmartLibrary provides an MS-Word like editor and has been configured so that it matches standard MS-Word paragraph styles. These features make it as easy as possible for the PIM role to transfer information and create a consistent look and feel.


Processes are best “driven” off diagrams, and therefore the PIM role can upload diagrams and add “hot-spots” to those diagrams. The hot-spots are areas you draw with your mouse and then assign hyper-links to, without the need for any programming. Once published, the user can click on the links you created on the diagrams, to step to other locations.

Other features

There are a host of other useful features, such as automatic Cross reference generation, versioning, and upgrading which are described in the feature list.

What it is not

Our process library does not (yet) offer a document storage facility for project or program work outputs. Typically, organisations have their own in-house rules on where to store the organisation’s work, such as in Share-Point, Lotus Notes or other document management systems.


The purpose of our system is to ensure you always have access to the method, guides and standards, news and forums (instructional materials), and to allow you to collect the latest templates wherever you are. However, the storage of your work is assumed to be in the corporate document system.


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