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The SmartLibrary is delivered as a “Software as a Service” model, that is, you rent it on an annual basis.

Price indication (US$)

For the standard configuration and basic branding - excluding specific needs - here are some pricing examples:



1st year (US$)

2nd & subsequent years

  20 (minimum)

$  980  ($49 / user)

$  660  ($33      / user)


$2460  ($41 / user)

$1470  ($24.50 / user)


$3480  ($29 / user)

$1980  ($16.50 / user)


       Volume discount points at 20, 60, 120, 200, 500, 1000 (=unlimited)

       Prices and specifications may be adjusted without prior notice.

       To view the pricing for the SmartLibrary including the SmartMethod software development process, click here.


Optionally, we can also provide the following:

       Your own master instance – to enable subsidiary or franchise situations.

       Conversion of your existing process materials

       Specific font and layout branding needs


       Special discounts for Universities and not-for profit NGOs


The additional effort to accommodate your specific needs only affects the first year’s costs.

How to order

Go to the Store > SmartLibrary or SmartMethod page and order your number of licences. If you have additional branding needs, add the "ACME" request to your cart. Alternatively contact us via the HelpDesk and we'll guide you through the sign-up and provide quotes for optional extra's. You should be up and running within a few working days.

What you get:

       SmartLibrary publishing system, including 3 empty containers,
(without the SmartMethod library content)

       Per container, News, multiple Forums, edit and published versioning

       The process framework explanation implemented as a Process Library
including base-templates for easy / efficient / consistent formatting, which you can use as a basis for all your own other process’ templates.

       Standard branding of the library templates with your own company logo and copy right statements (If you have specific font company font needs, or layout standards, then this can be accommodated, but will be quoted separately).

       Monthly traffic allowance of 1 GB (200 users average use). If you occasionally go over, we don’t worry, but if you need it consistently then you’ll need to pay an extra US$10 per GB per month.

       Standard space of 200MB per process library (500-1000 templates, guides, etc documents)

       More containers / space / traffic is possible at a small additional cost.


What you save:

       Specifying, organising, building and testing of a similar SmartLibrary application including content protection, concurrent edit and published versions, links being maintained by version, News, Forums, dedicated content, template, guide etc management specific to process management (more than 2000 hours of work).

       Buying and running your own server, security etc to house the application


Still undecided? Trial it out …

If you’d like to have a go, get access to the SmartLibrary trial instance.


Or buy the SmartLibrary or SmartMethod now.


Any questions or suggestions regarding pricing or the content of this page, please use the HelpDesk.


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