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Clearly, security is a very important aspect of the application for our customers. We use a system-wide unique login per user, so that there can never be any accidental access to your process libraries by people who don’t belong to your organisation.


Which libraries you will have access to, is set by the administrator user of your organisation.



Note that the @samporg is a unique abbreviated label assigned to your organisation (not your organisation domain name). This helps to make double sure the system can differentiate between Rob.Peters@samporg and say Rob.Peters@xyz.


The next screenshot shows a user with a different set of libraries assigned to them.



The user selects one of the libraries to proceed to, resulting in the News page for that library to be displayed.


Once logged in you can switch to another library from a drop-down list at the top of the page.


Next screen: News page or see some of the Administration functions


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