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The Process Improvement Manager (PIM) role is provided the additional maintenance menu option, giving access to functions such as Process Library management (PL collection), CustomWords re-definition, Publishing of the next version, etc.


The screen below shows the Process Library maintenance screen. This shows the pull-down of the version selector (Edit/Publish), the panel to add or modify, and two of the three tables of items being Books and Templates (Standards is not showing)



Items can be configured to be “Books” (Sets of Pages) or files; Books can be edited on-line, files can be uploaded. The screenshot below is of the Framework book home page in the MS-word like editor. The editing of books includes “Global Search and Replace), moving pages in the tree structure (in, out, up, down) etc.



This screen shows how files are uploaded



Giving feedback on uploading



The maintenance function also enables the PIM to define “Go to” shortcut links to other web-pages. Thus the PIM can provide links from this library to say your company’s policy page, home page, or other important pages such as DFA rules. You can also add links to sites of interest, such as professional body sites. The next screen shows how the Go to menu is maintained.



End of "Maintain Library" screen shots.


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