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The next screen shot shows how the user accessed a group of Templates from the main menu. You can either select “Templates” to see all groups expanded, or select a specific group from the Templates menu to see only the templates for that group (as shown below)



Within the table you can click on the group heading to show or hide the list of templates belonging to that group.


As you can see, there is a button to enable the user to download all templates in one go. However, it would be better practice to only download what is needed at the time (so that you always use the very latest).


Note: In the example we didn’t load the Templates and Guides (Samples are never provided, the organisation needs to upload their own)


Templates and guides may have been created as pdf, MS-word or any other file, or as a book (i.e. set of pages). Clicking on one of the Templates or guides in the list will open the item as applicable (either as pdf, .doc, or as book web-pages with a tree).



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