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The SmartLibrary portal is for:

       Anyone managing process improvement

       Business organisations and software services companies who want secured on-line access to their process content for their staff from any location (city / country)

       Standards bodies, or professional bodies, who need to manage standards and publications, copy protect their content, and who need the cost effectiveness of the internet for distribution (no more shipment of DVD’s).


What is it best used for?

       You can use it to capture and make available any type of process, templates, standards, guides, directives and associated samples

       It’s ideal to manage program, project, and associated work processes like software development

       but equally, it can be used for managing your own procurement, HR, line management, or operational processes


And unlike big name process providers, the SmartLibrary is affordable, does not need your IT department, and protects your content from being copied if you so require.


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