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In any area of business, it is process that provides the guidance to create consistent, efficient, "customer” experiences. The process is the foundation for creating effective team play, best performance, clear communications, and a consistent happy customer experience. Good process guides the right staff to create the right deliverables at the right time. This in turn maximises value for money, profitability, reputation, standing, etc.


Within any business there is a variety of processes / methodologies which are used to implement strategy, products, services, change and improvement. Think of processes like Six-Sigma, program management, project management, software development, sales, bid-response, finance, ITIL, etc.


Each of these processes are supported by templates, guides, standards and samples.  Our on-line SmartLibrary application provides a “container” structure to organise, store, and make accessible your processes (methodologies) and associated artefacts.


With the SmartLibrary, your staff have their process materials, latest information and best practice discussion forums at their finger tips, where ever they are located.


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