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Many organisations engaged in software projects experience project time and cost overruns, poor quality, unwanted scope creep, or a combination of these.

Consider the impacts...

Every time that a project takes longer than necessary, means sales or customers are affected, the organisation can do fewer projects than intended, profitability is lower, strategic implementation lags, growth stalls, cash-flow issues arise, poor perception takes hold, and staff morale is affected.

Why does it happen?

Though part of the problem may be poor estimation, much of the slippage results from uncoordinated efforts, the wrong detail at the wrong time, rework, omissions etc.

Contributing factors

In addition, in today’s business climate there is a demand for efficiency and immediate results. This requires an even greater need for knowing what level of detail to produce, by when, to be able to produce realistic business cases, prove feasibility, and deliver in short but realistic time frames.

The solution?

Clearly, the better your work-processes and tooling, the more likely you’ll deliver on time, to quality and to cost forecasts. This is what the SmartMethod brings; it turns the ICT operation into a top performing team, at a pace that suits you. It does this by being deliverable (not task) focussed, and providing you the CMMI processes and practices, not for certification purposes, but for the clear time / cost benefits the CMMI brings.



smart - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely

which is what all projects should be

the Smart method makes it second-nature to create smart projects.

SmartMethod for you.



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