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Here are some frequently asked questions you may have:

       Q1: Isn’t there a danger of Lock in?

       Q2: Why would this SmartMethod be better?

       Q3: Why wouldn’t I just use the CMMI?


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Q1:  Isn’t there a danger of Lock in?

A: There is always an element of lock-in no matter what method you choose. With the SmartMethod, there is no terminology lock-in, as it uses industry standard common terminology.


Most importantly, our solution does not store your project deliverables; these are all yours, and yours to store in your systems of preference (MS-TFS, Sharepoint, Lotus Notes etc). Hence there is no lock-in through the storage system.


The only thing that can be construed as a lock-in is that we only distribute the method books and essential guides via our on-line SmartLibrary system. But at least we don’t lock in by creating a tight coupling between the process, artefact templates and your project artefacts like so many of the big names do.


Q2:  Why would this SmartMethod be better?

A: Of course there are good alternatives, for example:


-             The RUP is a good process but in our experience people find it hard to find their way through a myriad of roles based information. Furthermore the method requires a set of tools like requirements management, design, test and and defect tracking in order to be complete. If you’re not familiar with such tools, or the concepts they are built on, both process and tools are a huge step for staff to make in one go. Since the RUP relies on the existence of tools it does not provide MS-Office templates for the information held in those tools. Last but not least, the cost of such tools and associated training is often prohibitive for organisations.


-             XP is a good process, if it wasn’t for its refusal to include upfront project estimation. Thus it does not dove-tail with the organisation’s business planning / business casing process. Of course you can fix that, but then strictly speaking it isn’t XP anymore. More importantly, where do you get an XP method out of the box that is complete (method book, guides, templates, standards) and concise?


But to really compare methods, please read the Scrum, RUP, XP assessment.


Q3:  Why wouldn’t I just use the CMMI?

A: eh, misconception. The CMMI is a reference standard, to help you assess what is missing in your specific methodology / implementation. The CMMI is not a process or a methodology; it merely states what your software development-, project-, and organisational- processes must exhibit in terms of key process areas and practices, in order to make a stepped-up time/cost improvement.

To read more on the CMMI, please visit the CMMI resource pages.


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