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The SmartMethod provides you full process guidance, templates, guides, standards and samples via the browser. The SmartMethod’s books, templates, guides, and standards are delivered via our on-line SmartLibrary.

This is how it works

Browse to your organization’s specific SmartMethod instance and use the process guidance to plan your project deliverable baselines(iterations). Use the SmartMethod's Right‑sizing tool to determine and capture your template needs.  Now that you know what deliverables to aim for and to what extent to complete them for this increment, start the thinking. Along the way download templates to capture the thinking and store your work in your company's project repository. Revisit associated guides to consider what needs to be captured and to what extent for this specific project/ problem domain. In a mind mapping fashion expand your work till ready for this iteration/ phase requirement. And so on, till the first builds start to show the emerging product.


What is this SmartLibrary?

The SmartLibrary is our on-line process library publishing and communications portal. The SmartLibrary provides a content management system dedicated to the management of process materials, as well as News and Forums by process library so people can communicate and discuss, etc.


The SmartLibrary can be used to publish any process or methodology, comprising of books, templates, guides, standards and samples in a version controlled manner. So if you have your own RFP process or Project process with which suits your needs, these can all be managed and communicated through the SmartLibrary.


The SmartMethod materials are a ready made instance of such a process library.


To find out more, please follow the link to the SmartLibrary.


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