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The SmartMethod uses industry standard vocabulary including that of the PMBOK, RUP, ITIL, and ISTQB (testing) in order to minimize re-learning concepts and vocabulary.


The advantage of standards based vocabulary is:

       makes it easy to adopt the SmartMethod, especially if staff is already familiar with some of these bodies of work.

       Staff learn standards based terminology (not ours), which eases deployment on other projects and is worthwhile for the rest of their career.

       if you engage sub-contractors, standards based vocabulary avoids mis-understandings / communications (assuming they know industry standard terminology).


The same applies to artefact naming

Depending on the activity domain, such as testing or development, the SmartMethod adopts the most applicable label from the IEEE (RUP), ITIL, PMBOK etc, matching the domain in question. For example, the SmartMethod uses the PMBOK definition for WBS (PM domain), has an IRS and SAD artefact (development domain), uses RFC’s for interacting with IT operations (ITIL domain), and CR’s for change requests to manage change in the project (PM domain). Furthermore it talks about test suites, test cases, test scripts the same way as the ISTQB does (test domain).


Of course the SmartMethod has a full glossary of all terminology used, and to aid general interest and understanding, shows the where the vocabulary / terminology originated.


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