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The SmartMethod comprises of a process book, templates and associated guides, standards, and directives. To familiarize, from the process book home page, click to this page (“Find your way”).



There are many ways to familiarize yourself with the SmartMethod. For example:

       Incrementally expand your knowledge by reading a section (4-9 pages) at the time (about a coffee break)

       To get started, read the introduction pages, then step through the “Starter” path;

       Later on, familiarize yourself with the “Master” and “Expert” trail of information.

       The SmartMethod is deliverable / timeline focussed rather than role focussed; but to help you in your role(s) each page states the role it is applicable to.

       Use the “Find your way” diagrams and links to click to the topic of need / interest

       Once you’ve read the Introduction section (8 pages), use the Right-sizing tool to drive what to do to next

       Use the automatically generated Cross reference index (see below) to click to figures, or step to pages associated with your level of understanding (Starter, Master, Expert).


Ideally you should receive an introduction training session, but if that is not possible it is quite easy to get going within an hour or two.



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