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The SmartMethod provides a full comprehensive set of templates and associated guides. In all, there are some 40 templates, not one of which duplicates any information! The templates aim for maximum maintainability, i.e. each resulting document is small, in the order of 5-10, maybe 20, or maximum 30 pages. The Right-sizing tool guides the set of templates to use, ensuring that you capture only what you really need to communicate to build, test and maintain in a timely fashion. The templates are grouped by work areas, and can be accessed from the Templates page off the Templates menu item as shown here.

Templates, guides, samples



       The templates provided cater for very large projects

       Trim the volume of templates back to what’s needed for your project size and risk profile (Right-size)

       Start by thinking, then writing

       Use the template guides to help you consider what to capture and define for your project

Templates are not forms to be filled in ! They are aids to capture what needs to be communicated to your project peers and future maintainers!


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