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The SmartMethod fixes a range of issues in methodologies such as the RUP (Method Composer), Scrum, XP, PMBOK, PRINCE2, etc. For example:

At a high-level:

       None of the other methods are CMMI level 2 compliant; thus statistically value per unit of time will vary significantly, and time / cost overruns persist (see CMMI level 1).

       Unlike any of the other methods, the SmartMethod has a deliverable and time focus, which is much easier to learn than the role based focus in TFS, RUP etc, since it creates "natural" clarity and focus on what to aim for next.

       None of the other methods has a complete but lean set of templates which provide and support all CMMI level 3 practices, without needing expensive tools;


       Only one other has Right-sizing guidance to ensure lean but sufficient documentation to assure long term quality and lower cost maintenance.

       None of the other methods provide any guidance regarding induction training, environmental and operational aspects to line managers, in order to embed the method of working in the organisation once and for all (CMMI level 3 organizational capability).

       None of the other methods help you to evolve away from “waterfall” to an incremental / iterative way of working (its revolution or nothing).


Consifder the methods assessment

If you’d like to see a quick CMMI (process maturity) comparison of the various methodologies, please visit the Scrum, XP, Rup assessed, or PRINCE2, PMBOK assessed pages.

If you’d like some further explanation of the above please read on. Or, if you’d like to review the SmartMethod, get your access to the SmartMethod trial instance.


Background detail:

       The agile processes like Scrum and XP provide insufficient support for creating a documented understanding of systems to enable realistic upfront planning for business casing, and to keep maintenance costs under control.

       RUP’s UseCase technique leads people to write far too much detail, causing up-front project progress to stall.

       XP states that estimation and planning up-front is pointless and thus doesn’t need to happen. From a business planning perspective this is un-acceptable.

       RUP (Method Composer), requires a set of IBM Rational tools in order for the process to be complete. It's good but costly, while learning new tools on top of learning a new process is a huge hurdle to take.

       PRINCE2 perpetuates waterfall behaviour, and thereby risks slippage and unnecessarily long timelines. Furthermore it is poor on scoping and estimation, reducing the accuracy of PRINCE2 business cases for software projects.

       PMBOK is a framework, stating what best practice project management would do, but is not an out of the box process, template, guide and standards set.


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