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Deliverable focused

The SmartMethod covers what, who, when, to what extent, and which practices to apply. With a deliverable focus (“what, who, when, to what extent”), staff very quickly understand what needs to be done. A bit like this…



In addition, the SmartMethod uses as much as possible industry standard vocabulary.

Essential Practices focused

The SmartMethod has digested the CMMI key processes and practices for you, and allocated them to the various workflows (work by role). The SmartMethod spells out all CMMI level 2 and 3 practices in verbatim format, augmented by comments to clarify where needed. Thus the team has access to all those key messages, focused on just their aspect of work, straight from the source.


As a result, BA’s, architects, testers, developers, project and line managers no longer need to be in the dark, or second guess, what the CMMI means in practice. For each workflow, the practices are spelled out in just a few statements or up to an A4 max.

Incremental adoption

Though the SmartMethod is CMMI level 3 compliant, it allows you to introduce the practices step at a time. Thus adoption may unfold as follows:


       Get metrics (reporting) in place to show the value of process improvement (you’ll need this in nine months from commencement, when the going tends to get tough).

       Start mastering the incremental delivery approach (specs, tests, code);

       Master requirements definition and management;

       Make configuration- basic project- and risk-management second nature;


       Make a start with Level 3 Line Management capabilities (organizational focus, break away from waterfall, reduce time-lines);

       Add a requirements bi-directional traceability tool to truly achieve level 2;

       And finally, add level 3 capabilities to the project and to the organization.


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