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These resource pages provide you in-depth information and insights, for example:


       CMMI – Forget the CMM steps or certification – read the time/cost benefit take on the CMMI. These articles show you why and how CMMI helps you to improve the bottom-line, reduce risk / variance …


       Requirements Management tips & traps – Thought leadership on the essence of requirements, to help you better manage scope. If your organization hasn’t got any real tools, consider our handy free ReqMgmt spreadsheet with basic automation to get you from 0 to 70% capability. Here, you also find a free best of breed requirements mgmt standard.


       Efficiency corner – a page with handy references such as our free version management standard, or a link to TortoiseSVN, a most wonderful configuration management tool. (Configuration management is a CMMI level 2 KPA!) and more ...


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