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These resource pages explain what the CMMI is and what benefits it brings your organisation. If you are interested in what makes a project deliver on-time or go twice over time/cost (or worse) please read on.


You might assume that CMMI is for NASA, Boeing, 40,000 people development companies, or that it is not Agile – but nothing is further from the truth!


Depending on how you implement CMMI level 2 or 3 capability maturity, the cost/ benefit break-even point can start from as few as 10 people… Furthermore, the CMMI does not inhibit agile processes like XP or Scrum in any way; all the CMMI does is tell you what gaps to plug in XP or Scrum to make them 100% CMMI level 3 mature, in order to gain the associated level 3 time/cost benefits!


Based on conservative estimates, adopting a CMMI level 3 compliant software development process yields an ROI multiplier of 4 to 20 times, depending on your choice of implementation.  And depending on your current maturity level, you could gain up-to 30% more value for the same effort.


To figure out the maturity of your development practices, take our CMMI quick self assessment.  For more in-depth information on the CMMI, see the side-menu.  Or browse our downloads pages for trials, freeware, or white papers to help you fast track achieving CMMI level 3 time/cost benefits.


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