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CMMI minus levels

This section is good for a grin, and of course does not reflect official CMMI levels, or CMU-SEI materials. However, you may just recognise a few “traits” …


Soon after the CMM emerged (1992), some people felt the need to clarify the other end of the maturity scale. The following is from an email which did the rounds in about 1993-1994.



Here is a quick overview of the “expanded” CMM levels by Major (now promoted) Tom Schorsch of the U.S. Air Force.


According to CMU-SEI data, over 70% of all software organizations are at Level 1 (Chaotic) of the Capability Maturity Model. In reality many may lie below the merely chaotic, but no lower levels exist in the CMM.


This article defines and describes lower maturity levels and their associated Kounter Productive Attitudes (KPAs). Of course in the SEI's CMM, KPA stands for Key Process Area.

The 4 levels of Immaturity:

       Level 0: Negligent (Indifference) - Failure to allow successful development process to succeed. All problems are perceived to be technical problems. Managerial and quality assurance activities are deemed to be overhead and superfluous to the task of the software development process.

       Level -1: Obstructive (Counter Productive) – Counter productive processes are imposed. Processes are rigidly defined and adherence to the form is stressed. Ritualistic ceremonies abound. Collective management precludes assigning responsibility. Status quo “über alles” (more important than anything else).

       Level -2: Contemptuous (Arrogance) - Disregard for good software engineering institutionalized. Complete schism between software development activities and software process improvement activities. Complete lack of a training program.

       Level -3: Undermining (Sabotage) - Total neglect of own charter, conscious discrediting of peer organization’s software process improvement efforts. Rewarding failure and poor performance.



So where does your organization fit?

Hopefully in the positive territory - done the self-test yet?



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