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This page provides practical tips and links to other sites on a range of topics applicable to software development and project efficiency, such as:


       Version management

       Fantastic free configuration management tool

       Screen snapshot tool, which also traps the mouse and open menu’s


Version management

Is your team using version numbering in document file names and other artifacts, to uniquely identify the old, from current, or from future thinking? If not, unify the team, get this simple free versioning standard to fix the mess, and get on top of knowing which version is which.

Configuration management tool

If you work on code in a distributed team, here is a truly brilliant configuration management tool. It seamlessly integrates with the windows (file) explorer. Since it's not an integration for a specific IDE you can use it with whatever development tools you like.

Screen snapshot tool

Anyone who would like to add screenshots to their specifications, manuals, test reports has a need to also capture the mouse and drop-down menu. But many snapshot tools will cause the present open menu selection to close. Here is a brilliant little free tool which fixes the issue – print screen from:


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