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To achieve CMMI level 2 capability and the associated improved time and cost performance, requirements management, i.e. prioritisation and traceability are key practices.


Our SmartMethod process describes in detail how to adopt requirements management and traceability practices, and what layers/domains to consider. Our associated free Requirements Standard provides the rules to help you articulate, write, and review for, good requirements.


The ReqDb spreadsheet makes prioritisation and version control possible, which are essential building blocks to achieve CMMI level 2. With this tool in use you will notice a marked difference in your ability to deliver the agreed functionality on-time.


If you want to achieve full control over change impacts you need our requirements management tool ScopeTracker as this tool delivers full bi-directional traceability in a non-invasive way. With ScopeTracker you can truly achieve long term maintainable quality, while its bi-directional functionality is crucial to achieve CMMI level 2 and its stepped-up time/cost benefits.


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