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Over the years a trend has emerged of people adding requirements and screens to the end of their UseCase documents.

Why is that an issue?

This seemed a neat idea, but as you’ll have noticed, UseCase descriptions often share some same requirements. For example, for a particular case of use the system needs to calculate GST but for another case of use it must calculate GST too. Thus you end up with two or three UseCases that would end-up carrying the same requirement at the end of the document.


What is the alternative?

Rather than having the same requirement occur in multiple documents, capture the unique requirements in once place (ReqDb, ScopeTracker) and allocate their unique reference number where they occur so that they can be tested for. And when things change you can use “search” or “find” functions to assess the impacts by finding occurrences of that particular requirement reference in all your artefacts.


As is clear from the above, it is strongly advisable to capture requirements in one place, and reference them (by identification number) in the various artefacts where applicable.


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