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Purchasing process

The Store system works as follows:

       Add products to the cart and review

       If product combinations in the cart are invalid, you’ll get an error message

       You can only check-out if all products are compatible

       On check-out, the system needs your billing contact details

-             if you are a registered user, login, and the system will fetch your contact details

-             if you are a new user, provide your contact details. These details will be used to create a registered user for you, which will be emailed. 

       Even though nothing is physically shipped, you can provide a shipping address which is different to your billing address (if you buy for someone else)

       You’ll be given a final page, showing all your cart and price details

       Proceed to final check-out

       You’ll be asked to confirm acceptance of the License Agreement

       If you accept the Agreement, you can pay by credit card via PayPal, or via direct bank transfer.



To purchase anything on this site, you have to be a registered user. Registration takes no extra time and is a seamless part of the purchase process.


In the future, registration helps to ensure that you won’t inadvertently buy incompatible products. Registration also makes it possible for you to raise and track your own support tickets and access the purchased license keys and payment history for your own account. Furthermore, registration enables us to keep your information secure and separate from other users.


If you already are a registered user, log in and check your account via the main menu to see which products and quantities you already hold.


Please try before you buy, as we do not provide refunds. To keep the price low, support is limited to you being able to lodge issue tickets, but there is no response-time guarantee. We will answer the simple straight forward questions and you have access to the Forums and FAQ service. If you need a different level of support and /or training, please contact us.


Before committing your payment, you will be asked to confirm our license agreement. You can access the agreement at that point.


ScopeTracker purchase specifics

ScopeTracker is purchased in a one-off payment giving you a license to use the software for as long as you like and a software license key. The payment entitles you to all minor version upgrades within a major version number. Major future functionality upgrades will be made available at upgrade prices.


Your ScopeTracker desktop version connects to a central database which holds the requirements of one or more projects. Here is the important bit: All ScopeTracker desktop instances which use the same database must be of the same edition (Professional / Enterprise) and version. The Store system ensures that you can only buy products which are compatible with what you already hold.


You need to be registered as a different user for each individual database you operate (typically you only have one, in which case you ignore this)


ScopeTracker uses a Microsoft SQL server Express 2005 or 2008 database which is freely available from Microsoft.


To avoid the hassles of getting a MS‑SQL database up-and-running in your organisation, you can rent a hosted ScopeTracker database on an annual basis (which in time, you can replace with your own if you wish).


If you are about to purchase additional licences please note:

If you have an older version, then the new licences will be for that older version. If you want the additional licenses to take on the latest version, please also buy upgrades for your current licences at the same time.


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